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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Giorgia

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Giorgia

Who are you?! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Giorgia and I live in the north side of Italy, near Verona (Romeo & Juliet’s city) on the shores of Lake Garda. First of all I’m a nemophilist, I love to be connected with nature, plants and animals; woods and mountains are my happy place. I’m a mom of a beautiful 2 years old girl, she’s a little explorer and animal lover too. I’m a hotel receptionist and I’m always in touch with different languages and cultures. At last but not at least I’m a traveller, I love to explore new places and discover the many faces of countries under every aspect: art, lifestyle, food and nature obviously! My other passions are: rock music, cooking, photography and makeup, of course.

How has travel affected your life?

I took my first plane when I was 12 years old, I still remember every single moment and it amazed me so much that I became addicted to travel. Every time I jump on a plane I feel the same excitement, it’s such an emotion I couldn’t even describe! Travel is part of me now, in a way, more than ever before because I work with people who travel in my country, and I graduated as a tour operator, taking the first steps in hospitality when I was just 16 years old. This job allows me to plan and book often trips of my own and it’s very helpful. I also speak different languages in addition to Italian: English, German, French and a little of Portuguese.giorgia7 giorgia12

How do you juggle work with what you love doing on the side?

Well, I live in a very touristic place which is chaotic and crowded during the summer but quiet and peaceful during the winter. I work a lot during the hot season but I can sometimes find a deal with my colleague to get a free weekend and have a small trip to the nearest alps and mountains. Otherwise I’m satisfy with our weekly hike around our area, we have a lot of nice spots as well and my fiancè is a trail expert: he knows every single path! As you can understand I travel a lot during the winter, is the period where I can get more holidays and I love to exploit them traveling around the world! giorgia8

On the top of your head, laziest thing about you?

Uh. I’m a day sleeper. I use to stay up late at night, that’s when my brain is more active and is the moment I use to edit and publish my pictures on the socials. This means I’m often tired during the afternoon, I’m not ashamed to admit I take naps with my baby sometimes. I’m able to fall asleep on the dentist’s chair too.

Who or what gives you the most encouragement on a daily basis?

I have never been so motivated before having my own family, they are my focus in everything I do. Coming home after a hard day and find my fiancè, our daughter and our 5 pets waiting for me is so blessful! giorgia19

How have your kids affected your mission in life?

Having a daughter is the biggest joy of my life, I used to be a pessimist, she gave me a lot of positivity and changed everything in better! Seeing the happiness through her eyes makes me feel fulfilled, I think it’s an extraordinary mission putting the well-being of the one you love ahead of your own.giorgia5

A place you’re in the process of planning to visit…

I never reveal my next travels but you can have an exclusive anticipation: next week we will book our trip to Nosy Be Island, in Madagascar. I really can’t wait! Surely in the meantime we will visit some mountain lakes as well, but they are all last-minute adventures. On my bucket list I have: Copenhagen, Berlin, Uttar Pradesh, West USA and Polynesia.giorgia17 giorgia18 giorgia10

What is your favorite Everyday Minerals product to take on-the-go?

Absolutely can’t leave home without my Finishing Dust! I have oily skin and this powder is perfect for a quick retouch when I’m out for many hours to avoid that unpleasant shine. I love this formula because doesn’t clog my pores, it’s very important for those with acne-prone skin. I obviously need a brush, and yours are surely my favorites because they are vegan and made with renewable bamboo!gi

What does being a powerful, courageous woman mean to you?

For me it means independence but moved by compassion and kindness, strength is not measured by haughtiness. I’m very lucky because I have had 2 incredible models in my life: my mom, who fully took care of me after some family troubles, and my beloved grandma who passed away at 95, she was so strong but at the same time the sweetest person on Earth. I’m glad to have a daughter too and I hope she will tell the same about me one day.giorgia13

How do you actively make your goal or goals a living reality?

It’s your willingness that makes things work and the way you deal with them, but it is perfectly normal to feel discouraged sometimes, too. One of my life weapons is sarcasm as I’m not one for getting along with some people’s bad behaviors. Another piece of advice is to take care of your body; it’s very important to have a healthy diet and do some form of exercise, rest when you feel necessary, and your mind will benefit too. giorgia3 giorgia9 giorgia4 Follow Giorgia on Instagram! @vegzeppelin SHOP WHAT'S CURRENTLY IN GIORGIA’S MAKEUP COLLECTION: Fresh, Glowing Velvet Eye Shadow Let's Hike, Then Swim Shimmer Eye Shadow Raw Sugar Mountain Luminous Blush Sunlight Finishing Dust Baby Flat Top Brush gggg

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