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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Devri

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Devri

Hey Devri! Tell us a little about yourself & your journey.

My name is Devri and I am a writer and editor based in New York City, originally from Texas. Ihave worked in the editorial world for about a decade now, and I am super thankful for loving this life I have cultivated and worked so hard for. I also have a rare autoimmune disease called Takayasu’s Arteritis which affects only 1 in every 2 to 3 million people.

You've taken a rare condition that you deal with daily, Takayasu's Arteritis, and
have used it on your platform to empower others... Can you touch on this?

I was diagnosed when I was 20 years old - it was a life changer for sure. As a writer, a creative, a woman, and a woman of color living with something so rare, I could never not incorporate it into my everyday life and content because it is something I experience on a daily basis and have had to navigate through with challenges.

How are you taking in all that's happening right now while pushing to continue

I take it day by day. Some days are easier than others. In the first two months of quarantine, I was devastated. Through it all, I’ve been able to keep working and staying busy, so that’s been good. I also have spent a lot of much needed alone time that I don’t think I would’ve given myself if the pandemic hadn’t happened.

You are clearly an accomplished writer & speaker, when did this begin for you?

Thank you! I studied public relations and advertising in university. I have always been
interested in hearing and reading stories, so I wanted to hone in on that. Oprah was my
inspiration as a young girl. Once I was diagnosed with TAK, I realized how important it was to speak up more and tell my story without fear. I figured I should do my part in helping to empower others to live their truth, as well as take measures to learn their minds and bodies and stay in tune to all the things that could be happening.

What drives your fiery passion?

I don’t like asking for things, I prefer to get them done on my own. I’ve always been extremely independent and self-sufficient. I know that can be bad sometimes, but my stubbornness drives me. I also like to exercise my brain everyday to learn more about things I am interested in and people. I try to become a connoisseur at literally everything I’m into.

Morning ritual for setting the tone for the day ahead?

I always take a few deep breaths, make my bed, make my latte, go for a quick walk around the block to get fresh air, then stretch before sitting at my computer for work.

What is your definition of having a well-balanced mind that's in alignment with
your 'Soul Purpose'?

For me, it’s all about balancing solitude with human connection and interaction. I have just as many talks with myself as I do with people. I pray and meditate throughout the day, as well. I always want to ‘check in’ and know what’s going on so my body knows how to respond.

How do you take a step back every now, and give yourself a breather?

If it’s a busy work day with a lot of deadlines, sometimes it helps to close my eyes for a couple of minutes to rest them from the screen (I cannot take a full nap for some reason). I also like to book myself solo trips throughout the year, even if it’s a day or weekend trip somewhere out in nature. I usually only tell a couple people, but take that time to myself to go meditate and observe without distraction. I also usually get massages and pedicures every three months or so to loosen up the muscle tension in my body.

We're going through a unique period in time right now... How do you see female
creatives growing or changing as a result?

I believe we’re more united than ever, it’s beautiful. People are realizing how much we need each other to sustain and continue pushing forward as brands, organizations, and humans.

How do you see the world changing right now, in a positive light, due to all that has
recently surfaced?

The media shows us a lot of ugly stuff. One on hand, I’m glad it’s all finally on the table, getting talked about. I just hope that people understand that it’s also necessary to unplug sometimes so that we don’t cause ourselves to be traumatized with all the bad news. In order to create effective plans of action for combating these world issues, we need to give ourselves rest periods, too.

What are some of the personal setbacks or challenges you've faced at this time?
And how do you personally overcome these?

My time management has always been an issue when I have a lot of obligations on my plate. I am getting better about saying ‘no’ and taking a step back when I need to in order to just breathe and enjoy life.

And last but not least, what single piece of advice would you give another
passionate individual who may feel it's their time to step out and let their light

Whatever is on your heart and mind, go for it! You have literally nothing to lose. You will not get this day back. You’re worth the investment of time, money, and energy. Bet on yourself and don’t look back!

Follow Devri on Instagram! @devrivelazquez


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