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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Chloe

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Chloe

Who are you?!? Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Chloe Jiang (aka @Chloeinabubble) and I’m a full-time banker/fashion influencer. Born and raised in China, currently live in Sydney with my family.

What do you love most about where you're from?

Absolutely the coffee and the food! Sydney is a diversified, multi-culture city where you can find authentic exotic food from anywhere. And the passion about coffee that Australians have is unbeatable. I struggled a lot to find a good coffee place when traveling overseas :)

How would you describe your style?

I change my style all the time, but, in general I would say laid-back but feminine.

On the top of your head, what can you definitely work on?

With the amount of clothes I have, I slack off from time to time tidying my room. So de-cluttering and re-organizing my wardrobe is something I can definitely work on.

How do you manage to stay true to yourself in the face of competition?

Don’t do something purely because everyone else is doing it. People follow me because they like ME, my style, or they share the same values. Everyone is different and there’s always something that you can do better than others. Believe in yourself and stop being a trend follower. chloe2

Where do you encounter #inspo?

Everywhere! From people on the street, my colleagues, and, of course, Instagram.

Current fave Everyday Minerals product in your wardrobe?

The Pearl Finishing Dust is an all-time favorite! I have dry skin with a slightly oily T-zone, this finishing powder keeps my oil at bay for the whole day without caking or emphasizing any dry patches. It also gives a very subtle sheen to the skin, love it!

What does being a female powerhouse, with so many following your life, mean to you?

Motivation and self-discipline. My followers inspire and motivate me both on social media and in real life. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything but lying in bed. My followers, are the people who support me everyday, and empower me, keeping me energized on those days. Being public on social media has also made me re-think again, and again, before I say or do anything, as the last thing I want is to have a bad influence on my followers, but instead, a solely positive influence.

How do you actively make your goal or goals a living reality?

Haha, this is definitely something I need to work on as I don’t usually set goals for myself. I like to embrace anything life brings to me and just let it be! chloe3 SHOP WHAT'S CURRENTLY IN CHLOE’S MAKEUP COLLECTION: Cheek To Cheek Kit Pearl Finishing Dust Flat Top Brush

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