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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Ana

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Ana

Who are youuu?! Tell us a bit about yourself girly.

Hi there! My name is Ana Richie! I’m 20 years young and I am very much a creative. I love to express myself through fashion but I also love create jewelry and write as well. This year has pretty much been about finding my purpose!

Who are what constantly inspires you?

The past inspires me to do better in the future. My ancestors and family history is soooo important to me. I always take away a lot from the stories and photos that have been passed down to me. I allow myself to reflect on my personal past and make sure I do better.

Has being in front of the camera allowed you to open up, & gain more confidence?

I believe it has helped me gain more confidence but I still find myself every now and then battling with my mind about my beauty and body type. Although I model, I am style very curvy and I struggle with that.

Alone time or circle of friends?

I grew up being an only child so I love social settings. I thrive when in conversations with multiple people. However, I do need time to be alone every now and then and just recoup.

Music that gets you going...

Omg, I looooove 70s music. I think I was meant to be a teen in 70s. I love Fleetwood Mac, the gap band, Rick James, prince although they became more popular in the 80s. I also love alternative and indie music. My new fav group is called “powers” they music is light and happy and worthy of dancing to!

When did you personally realize your passion(s)?

I think I’ve always had a sense of where my passion was. From the time I was little I always enjoyed being behind a camera as well as creating art and using my hands. I can’t remember I time where I disliked art class or the opportunity to create. I also have always had a passion for social justice and change.

What do you tell yourself when you feel tired, uninspired, even unsure as to what direction to take?

I tell myself that I can’t be selfish by allowing my talents to go to waste. I am here to make a difference at the end of the day so I can’t waste time...I need to be a go-getter.

At the end of the day, what makes you truly happy?

What truly makes me happy is having the privilege to be my most authentic self. I know that I might try to wear makeup and alter my outer appearance, but I am so blessed to do what I love and just be accepted and embraced by so many. That’s not always easy to find and have in ones life. I also think making other people happy and creating new connections makes me very happy.

How do you envision yourself making a lasting impact in our world or perhaps in someone's life, close to you?

I want to journal and share stories what is going on in the essentially wake people up!! Our world is losing its Humanity at a rapid rate and it hurts my heart. I believe that the creatives of the world have a unique medium to share with people the need to change in a way that people can appreciate and connect with through their artistic abilities.

Is there any reading material you would recommend to someone looking for a little kick in the motivation department?

I think that always staying up to date with what’s going on in the world drives my motivation. BBC, CNN, MSNBC etc. in regards to getting creative, half price books has a 500 prompts for writers that can help spark people to write. I would tell people that you don’t have to dig too deep. Write about what’s in front of you. I write about my daily experiences and then try to tie it into what is truly at the root of who I am etc.

Through high & low, how do you keep your head up and consistently make your passion in life a living reality, everyday?

When I was growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends. I felt like I was bullied ( always in the most discrete way and through words). I always wanted to have a friend group. But my mom told me that as a creative and free spirit I will probably never have a friend group just friends in different places, and that I’ll need to learn to be okay with that. And she was right! So today, I have friends from all over that are not always around me. Taking the time to talk to them and hearing about their current experiences helps me keep going and to keep my head up. I also believe in the power of sharing. Sharing your thoughts and ideas can help make your passion a reality.

Follow Ana on Instagram! @anapeli_


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