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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Alexis

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Alexis

Hello! Tell us a bit about who you are & your story.

Hi! My name is Alexis Alexander and I am 29 years old, a mother to a beautiful 15 month old girl, Sage, and a lifestyle/beauty/fashion influencer on the side. I have always been into fashion and beauty from an early age so it's been a lot of fun to take that interest and turn it into creating content on a platform to share with others and actually have people interested in what I do and create. When I'm not working, I am with my daughter usually at the park or outside playing, we love being outside! I live in Florida in a smaller area called Fleming Island which is nearly completely surrounded by water so I love spending time by the river and enjoying nature.

From where do you often seek inspiration?

I seek inspiration everywhere. In nature, in my daughter, on Sunday mornings scrolling through Pinterest, in other like-minded creatives. I'm always coming across things (sometimes very random) that drive my creativity. I feel that's the key to creativity, being open and looking at things from all angles at any given time.

What are your tried & true activities in the self-care realm?

I try to implement specific times throughout the day where I'm working on my phone, computer or engaging on social media and then having dedicated time without technology. I have noticed it's helped a lot with my self-care in the sense that I actually take the time to have that long shower when I put my daughter down or put that new mask on. I've been wanting to try instead of being distracted elsewear. I also believe water completely neutralizes your mind and body so I indulge in (probably too many) baths and use products that generate the senses and put me at ease and I find that does wonders for my soul. Running and meditation are two other forms of my self-care routine throughout the day and I couldn't get by without it!

Are there ever moments when you feel "stuck" even creatively?

All of the time! I think every creative/artist gets stuck every now and then, it's only natural. I often find myself walking away from whatever it is that I'm doing and coming back with a clear mind resets me and allows for new creativity to flow.

How has being a Mom altered your perspective in life and everyday habits?

It has changed everything, quite literally (but in a good way)! I had infertility issues prior to having Sage and I feel like once finally having a baby I have cherished every moment so hard to my core. Every little thing I think about differently because of the obstacles I faced to bring life into the world. It also has made me even more compassionate for other women still trying to conceive or on whatever conception/adoption route that is. Being a mom is truly a job I feel I was meant for and I love every second of it, though my stress levels have been extra high lately trying to think ahead of the millions of things my daughter could potentially get into since being mobile!

What would you say is the main motivator and drive for the career you now lead?

My family is my main motivator and drive. I have an amazing support system that allows me to lead my career and I couldn't do it without them.

How would you define your 'Soul's Purpose'?

This question really made me think. What a great question! I would've answered that my soul's purpose is 100% being a mom but after digging deeper I feel like that doesn't completely define who I am on the inside, only who I am to someone, although that is something I internally love doing and being. What drives my soul, aside from motherhood, is creating anything that inspires others in a positive light, which I guess you could say that's why I influence. I get these same feelings seeing others showcase their passions and creativeness so I can only hope my work does the same.


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