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DIY Plant Hanger

DIY Plant Hanger
Image 1 You know those perfect homes, the ones decked in plants that you constantly see when scrolling your Pinterest feed? Yeah, I think we all know them. And I think we all sit there in envy of the luxurious plant hangers that seem to cost a fortune everywhere you look. A little secret? All it takes is a couple hours of channeling your inner childhood self, remembering those hemp necklace stitches you used to be so fond of, and putting them to use. It really is so simple. The following steps will leave you with a new plant hanger in a matter of a couple of hours, and once you get the hang of it, you can play around with the stitches to construct a hanger all your own. Image 2 Tools 26 Yards of String 3 Beads Scissors Masking Tape Directions 1. Start by cutting (6) three-yard pieces of string and (2) four-yard pieces of string. 2. Make the ends of the string even, and tie off the top with a loop. Image 3 3. Begin with a circle stitch, using the longer pieces of string as your outside threads. Make sure to continue the stitch past the tails left from your knot, so that they aren’t hanging lose. 4. Once you’ve reached a desired length, split the strings into two groups of four. Skip about 5 inches of space and then start creating a square stitch. Once you’ve reached about halfway through the desired length, add a bead, and continue stitching. Image 4 5. Now, take side-by-side strings and tie them off in pairs of two. Continue doing so, being sure to make the stitches lose enough and far enough apart to hold your desired pot. Image 5 6. Once you’ve made the basket big enough, tie it off in a knot at the center bottom. Add a bead, do some more circular stitches, and then tie it off again and trim. Image 6 7. You are all done! Image 7 This post is from our guest blogger Naomi. Follow her blog here for more posts like these!

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