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Create Your Own Mini Garden

Create a mini-garden
Home gardening doesn’t necessarily mean you need a huge space in your yard to kick-start. With the right strategy, you can grow your own food with the little space there is. This time around, don’t throw those empty jars, plastic containers, milk jugs and even egg trays. We can make use of them to build your mini garden.

Vertical gardening.

Vertical gardening is a big space saver. All you need is a blank wall or bare fence and you can begin growing those edibles. For instance, you can grow a strawberry tower from a PVC pipe or a pyramid tower. Vertical garden is not just a practical solution if you want to save space but it is also a decorative accent to add beauty to your backyard, or even porch.

Make use of containers.

How about containers inside a container? You can use a barrel for this case as the base for a planter. Fill in with soil and other small containers. You may also group plants together: flowers to flowers, herbs to herbs, and so on. That will add to their appearance!

Try table gardening.

Have an old table that you are not using anymore? Well, how about you make use of that for gardening. You can simply arrange pots of flowers or vegetables on that table. Or, for a more creative look, create a boxed garden bed on top. Suggested soil deep is 6 inches to accommodate plants which may have bigger roots. The box should fit across the table. Grow sage in your mini-garden

On the roof.

Besides having a decorative highlight above your house which will surely be a pretty sight for helicopters passing by, roof planting will also help control temperature and attracts as a new home for birds and butterflies. Since it’s on the roof, the abundance of light needed by the plant is available.

Atop your outdoor doghouse.

This is almost identical to table gardening and the only difference is you do it on the roof of a dog’s house. Replace the doghouse’s roof with a sturdy flat surface, add on the boxed bed, and there starts your mini garden. Make use of old egg cartoons by planting seedlings in them and then transferring the plants to your garden bed once they have sprouted. There you have it! You don’t always need a huge space to play green thumb.

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