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Cover Your Bases

Cover Your Bases on Mineral Makeup
The secret to a perfectly flawless and stunning look all day starts with a good foundation. To create a lasting foundation, it all starts with a good base. Trust me, you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to do these simple ways to perfect your bases. Let begin and play pretty.

What you will need.

  • The right primer to match your skin
  • A specific concealer to hide imperfection
  • Everyday Mineral bamboo Flat Top Brush
  • The ideal foundation according to your skin type

Start with a clean canvas

Painters create the most beautiful work of art out from excellent canvas. That canvas has to be clean and made from the finest paper; this way the colors stick and last just as the way they should be. The same principle applies when it comes to makeup. In order to create a lasting, gorgeous look, we start by creating the perfect canvas - or shall we say, a good base for your foundation. Well-hydrated skin brings out the natural glow of your complexion so if you are preparing for a big day, it is about time to gulp at least 8 cups of water a day. Water is hydrating, thus giving a fresher look from the outside. Clean your face with the right facial cleanser. If you have a dry skin, it would be perfect to follow application with moisturizer containing SPF.

Prep the skin

Prepare the skin with an ideal primer. The right primer must fit with your skin tone and purpose. There is variety of primers made to fit every skin type. Generally, pink primers give warmth to fair complexion and work to counteract sallow undertones while rose primer is perfect for light to tan skin complexion, bringing out the healthy glow. White Primer illuminates light skin, easing out dullness for a livelier look. Peach Primer provides warmth for medium to tan skin, and Brown Primer evens out complexion for tan to deep skin type. Yellow Primer camouflages redness. Primers help makeup appear more harmonius on your skin, even out skin tone and camouflage imperfections. Begin the application at the center of your face and apply concentrating the T-zone. Note that primers are meant to be applied lightly. Let the primer set for a few minutes. Optionally, you can add brightener on specific areas such as under the eyes and on the laugh lines for a better result.

Build with the right foundation

Some like applying concealer first but it would also be good to put on foundation first so you wouldn’t wipe out the foundation. This process also helps you from overdoing the concealer. You could use a sponge or for best results use Everyday Mineral bamboo Flat Top Brush for your base application.

Conceal what must

Apply concealer under the eye circles and onto the blemishes (if any) on your skin. Different concealer colors work differently. Use our Concealer Brush for best application.

Concealer Wheel

Green concealer: Mint Jojoba Color Corrector works perfectly for hiding red areas. A hint of pale green neutralizes ruddiness, blemishes, and redness. Pink conceler: Brighten Jojoba Color Corrector offers a soft pink tint and light-diffusing minerals beautifully camouflage dark circles for buildable—use only as much as you need. Yellow concealer: Sunlight Jojoba Color Corrector camouflages dark under-eye circles, and works magic on dark spots and blemishes while toning down redness to skin that is tired or stressed. Note that the darker your skin, so should the shade of your concealer. For instance, if your skin is darker, choose darker green to hide redness. Now you are done with your base, it’s time to play pretty with your favorite makeup combination! How to Prep Your Skin for Perfect Makeup

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