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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How to clean your makeup brushes
We get asked quite often how to clean makeup brushes and with what we clean them. Our favorite makeup brush soap, Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castille Soap. Dr. Bronner’s is certified organic and contains no synthetic foaming agents, thickeners, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, or whiteners. How often you clean your makeup brushes depends on how often they are used and what kind of makeup you use. For liquid-based makeups, those brushes should be cleaned every day. For most synthetic makeup brushes we suggest cleaning them once a week. Below we’ve shared our technique for getting your brushes squeaky clean and keeping your skin healthy and beautiful!

What you’ll need:

  • Your dirty makeup brushes
  • Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castille Soap (We like to use the 18-in-1 Hemp Unscented Baby-Mild version)
  • A clean cup
  • A dry towel
To get the most effective results, clean your brushes one at a time using lukewarm water, and be sure to not scrub too hard. It is best to wash brushes at night so they have time to dry overnight. Now you’re ready to begin!

How to wash:

1. Get a clean cup or glass and squirt a small amount of Dr. Bronner’s soap into the bottom of it. 2. Get your brush wet using lukewarm water, and be sure to keep the brush pointing downward as to not get the metal part of the handle which contains the glue or the brush handle wet. 3. Dip your brush into the soap. 4. Swirl the brush in circular motions against your palm gently, switching direction every once in a while. You will notice that most of the makeup will come off easily into your palm. Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Step 4 5. Rinse the brush in lukewarm water until water runs clear. If not, repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 again. Rinse makeup residue off your hand. Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Step 5 6. Lay your towel out flat on your bathroom countertop, and lay your brush down flat to dry before moving on to the next brush.

How to dry:

1. Fold the towel over the brush heads or use another towel to gently press any excess water out of the brush heads. 2. Wipe handles dry with another towel. 3. Any brushes that have lost their shape can be reshaped or “re-fluffed” by gently brushing bristles in one direction against the palm. (Repeat this again after they are dry to get full shape back.) 4. Let brushes air dry overnight and they will be ready for use again in the morning!

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