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Building A Happy Home

Buulding a happy home
A home is made up of building blocks that bring joy and happiness to the people in it. It is a place where you can be excited to come home to at the end of the day, your comfort place where even if you walk around with eyes close, you know where you are going. A home is more than just what an aesthetic of a house could tell. It is far more than the fixtures, the shiny cabinets, the expensive painting on the walls or the glittering chandeliers. Love is the key to building a homely place. To express, warmth, affection and encouragement make a family member feel secure and as if you got each other's back. Instead of super strict policies around the house, practice discipline. Build healthy morals and values as these also create a better individual outside the house. To have a consistent discipline, and meet expectations and follow through, molding a responsible person in the future. A home is made up of stories. Random stories. Whether it is at breakfast, lunch or dinner, sharing about your day-to-day happenings fires up conversation. Conversation is essential to keeping the home alive. Talking one another also shoves off the stress. Positive communication is a way to express love. Listen to one another. Encourage. There is no such thing as a better replacement of homemade meals. Sure, you can easily buy foods from the best restaurant in town but nothing beats the ones you make at home with your family. Cooking and eating together are also simple ways to spend quality time. Fun is what brings the lively vibe to a home. Find time to play family games over the weekend or movie marathons on Sunday. Try an indoor picnic, or get creative doing art together, OR have a karaoke night. Building a better home Cleanliness is also an essential element of a happy home. A disorganized house adds up to all the frustration you had to deal with outside your home. Don’t let the dishes or laundry pile up. Have someone tasked to do certain tasks at certain times to make it easier and more fun for everyone. Make it as a disciplinary habit to fix their bed. Let the lights in. Open that window and savor the beauty of summer sunshine or the spring moon. Keeping a unique homey feel is always good. Display sentimental items around the house: family photos, travel souvenirs, and prized family heirlooms. A happy home is different for every people. A happy home is not just made up of the most luxurious items that life can offer. It can simply be the simpler feelings shared by everyone in that space.

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