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Base Application: The Latest Tips and Tricks

Carina Menzies shares tips for applying mineral base
You'll find the basic application instructions for our variety of base shades, including Matte, Semi-Matte, and Jojoba, in the "Usage Tips" section of each product, but today I wanted to share with you a handful of new tips and tricks I've picked up so far this season that can really help make the application of your base a breeze. One of the best tips I've picked up from experience recently has to do with the order in which you apply the minerals to the different parts of your face. For some reason, when applying base I've always started with my cheeks, and then moved on to my chin, and finished up with my forehead. It's not logical, it just always made sense to me! However, I noticed that sometimes the layers of base would be noticeable and not blended to perfection. So, a friend suggested I start at the hairline, move on to the forehead, then nose, cheeks, chin and neck. It's this gradual progression which insures an equal application of the base minerals, leaving them perfectly blended and super natural looking. Since then, this is the application order I swear by! I've always thought that my next tip was a given, but I've recently been surprised by how many women don't abide by it! I have two words for you: natural light. When you apply your base in the bathroom, the lighting is never totally accurate - variables such as lightbulb wattage, color (pure white lightbulbs versus lightbulbs that give a slightly yellow glow) and other items in the bathroom (colored towels, etc.) can throw off your base application. That's why I have a trusty corner near a window that I've set up a mirror, allowing me to make sure my base application looks wonderful in natural light. Finally, my last tip has to do with the winter months being in full swing. When the days are shorter and skin is naturally lighter than in the summer, it's important to remember to adjust your base shade accordingly. I like to go one to two shades lighter than my usual shade in the wintertime, to make sure that I don't have the dreaded case of your face complexion being much darker than your body’s skin tone. So if you haven’t already, do so! I'd love to hear your latest tips for base application! xo Carina

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