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Austin Summer Gardening

Gardening in Austin
Gardening is among the fun things to do in summer but preparation is a must for your garden to withstand the effects of Austin’s summer heat. Since the weather itself is a challenge for plants, it is very essential to have them well-fertilized to withstand stress from heat and dry weather. Fertilize using organic compost or minimally give them liquid fertilizer weeks after they are planted. Shade your plants with a good cloth to protect them from intense heat. At the store, choose one that is essential according to your plants. For instance, root crop can use partially block out shade because they can withstand more to heat while your leafy vegetables may need thicker shade in order to block intense heath. Potted plants are vulnerable to overheating so it’s important to keep them away from hot western sunshine. To ensure the plant remains healthy, gradually water in the early morning and late afternoon. It’s good to water in the late afternoon so that their foliage will still have time to dry before sunset, which helps to avoid the risk of fungi attacking the leaves. Mediterranean plants are bound to survive in summers. They respond well to hot conditions and light pruning, easy care, and they are sun-loving plants! Some of these plants are Chinese dregea, smoketree, canary island foxglove, anchor plant, viper bugloss, and pouch flower. Different plants will have their own temperature requirements. This Tim Miller Planting Guide for 2016 is specific for the Austin region based on suitability to weather conditions, micro-climates, and moon phases during the summer.
  • July 15th to 17th - melons, okra, cucumbers
  • July 20th & 21st - radishes quick growing type
  • July 23rd to 25th - black eye peas
  • August 1st & 2nd - leaf crops seed into flats tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and squash. Consider spinach and chard early.
  • August 11th to 13th - cucumbers and squashes
  • August 16th & 17th - transplants of peppers, tomatoes, eggplants into the ground.
  • August 20th & 21st - snap or sugar peas, short types only.*
  • August 24th to 26th - root crops beets, carrots and potatoes.
  • September 8th & 9th - leaf crops spinach, beans, lettuce, (broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower into flats).
  • September 17th - Transplants into the ground and snow or snap peas
  • September 21st & 22nd - Root crops carrots, beets, green onions

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