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Ask Miss EM: How To Manage Dry Skin?

Ask Miss EM: How To Manage Dry Skin?
My skin is definitely on the combination/oily side, however when I’m going through a major breakout I tend to bump up the glycolic acid and other powerful acne-fighting yet unfortunately drying ingredients. A few of these products I’ll incorporate into my routine for 2-4 days as a barrier while my skin heals. And others I’ve listed, I would not personally use for my skin type as they be a bit heavy on my sensitive combo skin.

Pangea’s Organics Facial Cream Dry & Sensitive Skin

The Rose Otto Essential Oil in this facial cream is calming and deeply nourishing for all skin types, even sensitive & mature. Argan Oil is all the rave right now, and for good reason, it's glow inducing benefits with antioxidants like Vitamins A + E and complexion-loving omega-6 fatty acids and Linoleic Acid make it worthy in a woman's beauty wardrobe. Argan actually absorbs rapidly and in turn boosts cell turnover, which is crucial in any morning routine for bringing out sustainable supple skin. Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil further enhance the glow and even help with sun damage. Marshmallow plumps the skin and soothes unwanted dryness and premature aging.

Acure’s Ultra Hydrating Watermelon Seed Oil

Being especially high in omega acids and antioxidant vitamins A & E, Watermelon Seed Oil is a MUST try skin-saving wonder. Ultra hydrating, rapidly absorbing, this serum is best used before applying your moisturizer and after exfoliating your skin for best results. What's a summer day without watermelon?

Everyday Naturals’ Pomegranate Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs are a little underrated IMO. Who doesn't feel instantly more confident when their lips are brighter, dry skin-free, & way more supple? Experience plant extracts in this scrub from Pomegranate, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon & Orange Peel that give your lips a boost while also playing at your sweet tooth. This is pout perfection in a jar, the only treatment you need for beautiful lips.

Acure’s Brightening Day Cream

Whoever said they didn't want brighter skin? NO ONE. EVER. This incredibly effective cream is formulated with Cica and Argan Oil, making it a powerhouse combo to moisturize, brighten, and serve as a moisturizing barrier that evens out your complexion so you can start (and end) any day with confidence. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to beautiful, vibrant skin!

Acure’s Brightening Night Cream

Wearing a brightening serum or cream during the day, everyday, does wonders; but wearing one at night too while your body goes trough the process of rejuvenating itself is a game-changer. This cream is especially formulated with nutrient-packed with Chlorella, Chinacea, and yes, our favorite, Argan oil to strengthen the hydration barrier, and further protect your complexion while you sleep.

Acure’s Rejuvenating Rose Argan Oil

Crafted from only the best, pure, cold-pressed Argan Oil and delicate Rose Oil, this combination oil helps your skin to restore itself as we age. Rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acid and protein, this skin serum is best used on the skin as a serum to be applied directly under your moisturizer-of-choice, but can also be used as a shine-inducing hair serum. Also relaxing as a body massage oil, I embrace it as a multi-use oil that should always be on hand, through every season. What I love most? It's ultra-moisturizing but veryyy lightweight, avoiding the feeling of heavy greasiness.

Jeffrey James Botanicals’ The Eye Crème

I'm a strong believer that you are never too young to look out for the health of your skin (and body as a whole). Don't feel that you should wait until you're fourty before you can purchase a quality eye cream. Beauty is an investment. Take care of your skin everyday, because we are constantly bombarding it with environment stressors. The earlier you start to care for your skin, the better. As for eye creams, I love this one from Jeffrey James. It's packed with Vitamin C - can never have enough of that - and a number of natural botanical oils you don't find in typical eye creams. It's antioxidant-packed with Green Tea & Licorice, making it a step in your daily routine that you won't go back on.

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