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A Romantic Candlelit Night

A Romantic Candlelight Night
Think of a special evening on a peaceful, didn’t-plan-anything kind of night. A time you set aside for yourself. For YOU. Why? Because you need it. We all deal with stress, anxiety, feeling dull and just bad days from one time to another. A special evening where you can focus on you and work up positive vibes to outweigh the bad - is essential. A few helpful ideas I present to you, pick and choose or go all the way with everything!

Bring in the essential oils.

Bring those babies in! The power of scents that appeal to us is immense. We can easily be tempted by some (the food kind of temptation), like chocolate or vanilla, or feel motivated by others. Dropping a few oils from a squeezy into the bath is the start to a glorious experience.

Pull out the robe.

Most of you reading this probably have a robe in the far corner of your closet. Perhaps it’s even at the bottom of your laundry basket. It sits, unloved and neglected because, yes, we’ve on from the time in which robes were mandatory. They were a big thing way back when for many years. Well, now putting a cozy robe on may not be an everyday thing, BUT once in a while it’s quite nice. There’s something about it…

Play an oldie movie.

You may need to go shop on Amazon (speaking of, a few of our products can be found there too!) or elsewhere for DVDs. But maybe you have one from YEARS ago under a pile of books in your closet or garage. Take it out!

Put on the music.

A must. Exclude this and the experience might not compare.

Take out a pen and paper.

Writing is a great way to express thoughts when no one is around, or really - when you just want to keep some things to yourself. Unsure of what to write about? Write anything. What comes to your head? Put down what has striked you as interesting lately. New hobbies you want to pursue. Ways in which you can make the most out of your work schedule. Get togethers with friends that you’d like to make happen. In the end, the outcome of the experience is up to you. This should be relaxing more than anything and bring out the best emotions in you. A time for yourself is crucial, our day to day routines can get boring and eventually wear us out. Show yourself love and give as a gift to yourself a perk-me-up evening experience.

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