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A New Way To Wear Blush

A New Way To Wear Blush

Youthful glow.

Choose a soft pink blush, either Matte or Luminous. We recommend Good Morning Luminous Blush or Peony Petal Matte Blush. Next, apply our Hint All Over Shimmer to the tops of the apple in each cheek. If you want a more subtle glow, use Sheer Honesty or About Jane Austen Luminous Blushes instead. For best application results, use our bamboo Blender Face Brush.

Bold & fearless.

Whirling on our Winner's Circle, Laughter Afterward's, or Crimson & Clover Luminous Blushes in circular motions will show off your radiant cheeks just as much as it will your fearless personality.

Bronzed gold.

Raw Sugar Mountain is immensely intriguing to say the least, especially in direct sunlight. Glide this blush along the immediate underside of your cheekbones, being careful to blend well in circular motions to avoid obvious streaks.

Bright & sure.

Use one of our bright, almost popping, cotton-candy pinks like At First Matte Blush or Let's Pink About This Luminous Blush. Now, with our bristle-dense Angled Blush Brush, apply the blush-of-choice to your cheeks in sweeping, and alternating circular motions.

Playfully innovative.

Choose your blush-of-choice, this can be any color. Now, choose another blush, either Matte or Luminous to match your first choice. The color you select should be complimentary, and luckily, almost any duo you choose from the Everyday Minerals collection will work together! Apply one shade to the center of the apple in each cheek, and the other to the remainder of each cheekbone. Blend so both beautifully “fade” into one another, and no definite lines are visible.

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