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Q&A With EM: Primers

Q&A With EM: Primers
Everyday Minerals’ five Primers reflect Carina’s love for the lasting power of beauty. It’s true that going natural with your skincare and makeup routine doesn’t bring down the quality of your look, but actually brings it up! Our current collection of Primers are Yellow, White, Peach, Pink, Brown, and Rose.

Q: Is it best to apply my primer before or after my foundation?

A: When using Primer, always apply underneath your foundation as the first step.

Q: I have mature skin, will primers work for me?

A: Absolutely! There is no age limit when it comes to ANY of our products :)

Q: I’m African American and have a deep complexion, which primer would work best for me?

A: Great question! Our Yellow Primer is amazing at bringing out warmth in darker complexions, and kind of adds a whole new layer of depth. We also have our Brown Primer, which works perfectly to even out tan to deep complexions and create flattering undertones. It also smooths color and texture, making your face soft and even.

Q: What is the difference between pink and rose primer?

A: Both Pink and Rose Primer are pinkish in color, Pink Primer has a hint of pink violet that brings warmth to your complexion and counteracts any sallow undertones in the skin, and Rose Primer brings a touch of warmth which makes for a luminous glow in light to tan skin tones.

Q: Can I apply primer on my eyelids?

A: You definitely can! Our Primers are great for applying as the base before layering your eye shadows. This is an awesome way of ensuring longer-lasting color wear throughout the day, especially for oilier eyelids.

Q: I have pale skin, but don’t want to make it look any more pale than it already is. Which Primer would you recommend for bringing warmth to my skin without looking too harsh?

A: Peach Primer, applied sparingly will do the trick for you! It isn’t too dark, but will give your skin the balance you’re looking for in a warmer complexion.

Q: Since my skin changes in the summer and winter, do I need to change my Primer of choice too?

A: Not necessarily. When it comes to Primer, unless you have a major change in skin tone (like 5 foundation shades darker or lighter!) you don’t need to worry about upgrading. See with your foundation Base shade, you will need to make changes as you move with the seasons, but each individual Primer gives much more room to a range of varying skin complexions.

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