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5-Minute Makeup For Working Babes

5-Minute Makeup For Working Babes
A lot of us try real hard our first day at work to look good. We try to look better than everyone else, actually. More often than not, this sucks up a lot of our time. Ughhh precious time. So what is the key to preventing this? Restricting yourself to a limited set time is the best way to cutting down time wasted. Sure it takes some of us longer to complete a look than others, but if we set a timer there is no doubt that we will avoid lollygagging. Knowing the products in which you will be using beforehand also saves time deciding when you really need to just get them on and actually look good rather than rushed and sloppy (ever have those days, anyone?). Fewer products for mornings on a tight schedule may sound right and an easy fix, but if you get yourself to be disciplined enough, then your only concern is time management with your usual amount of products. Simple looks can be accomplished in little time, and keep you looking amazing all day too. A variation of work-ready looks for the business woman, here are 3 looks to dress up or down with, depending on your mood for the day, all the while looking like the confident woman in your work place. Look #1 Step 1: Begin with a clean face and moisturize. Step 2: Apply our Multi-Tasking Concealer on dark areas around the eyes, on red patches or acne scars and blemishes. Step 3: To keep a lasting, shine-free and beautiful complexion for this summer’s heat, dab on the Base shade that best fits you in Matte onto your face. Step 4: Now, to emphasize the eyes, using the Everyday Eye Shadow Brush, apply On 6th Street Eye Shadow starting from your eye’s inner corner to the upper side of the lid. Step 5: Then highlight the brow bone by applying Outdoorsy Gal Eye Shadow above the crease starting from the outer corner, gently sweeping the color to blend the two shades together in order to avoid any hard lines. Step 6: Sprinkle a little Polished All Over Shimmer using the Tapered Sculpting Face Brush into the lid of the jar, then double tap. Apply the shimmer onto the inner corners of your eyes, as well as cheeks, forehead, brow bone, nose and chin. Step 7: Finish this natural look with the subtle Inspire Tinted Lip Balm. Look #2 Step 1: Moisturize then blend Peach Primer all over your face and neck for long hours lasting power. Step 2: Add on your shade of base, whether in Jojoba, Semi-Matte, or Matte. Don’t forget that neck! Step 3: Sweep on Pearl Finishing Dust all over your face making sure to hit the highlighting spots with more product on your brush. Step 4: Apply Good Morning Luminous Blush using our Blender Face Brush for a lighter feel. Remember to start at the apple of your cheeks and blend up! Step 5: Dab on Fishin’ For Love Eye Shadow to the intensity you love most. Step 6: Smack on Blissful Tinted Lip Balm for a glossy pout. Look #3 Step 1: Dust on Yellow Primer or the Primer of your choice and blend, blend, blend! Step 2: Apply your base shade in a circular motion with our best-selling Flat Top Brush, being sure to blend well into your hairline and neck. Step 3: On your cheeks, sweep on I’m Taken Luminous Blush to your desired intensity. Step 4: Apply Polished All Over Shimmer to your entire face, as well as your eyelids for a bronzy glow. Step 5: Glide on Laugh Tinted Lip Balm for the finishing touch! FYI! All of the eye shadows mentioned here can be found in our fan-favorite Makeup Diary Austin kit :)

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