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3 Activities To Do Today

3 Activities To Do Today
The holidays are approaching, woohoo! You must know what that means…it’s time to clean out your wardrobe and organize. We’re talking about your makeup wardrobe as well as your clothing wardrobe. Both are equally worth your time, after all, your finished “look” is more often than not a beautiful mix of fabric and powder. Style and beauty go hand in hand. With this year coming to a close, and perhaps the most spirit-lifting holidays preluding it, it’s now necessary to set aside time to go through your current beloved items and let go of a few. Say goodbye to the old and say hello to the new!

Take A Trip Into Your Makeup Wardrobe.

Let’s explore. Have you purchased your foundation within the last 12 months? Your blush collection? How about eye shadows? If any of these items are over a year old, well then, it’s time to let them go. Organize your wardrobe and decide what you need to begin afresh. Take out your most-used brushes and give them a good rinse with gentle soap under warm water, and allow them to air dry. Afterwards plan to set aside time to shop, or better yet, put together a wishlist!

Decide What You Really Need In Your Closet.

You have probably heard this before, but it’s worth repeating that if you haven’t worn something in a year, give it away. Don’t hesitate when the thought comes to your mind that you might wear it soon, it’s a lie. Don’t linger. Just give it away. Make your space look neat and organized by folding any thrown clothes, perhaps color coordinating or setting aside sweaters to one side of your closet and t-shirts, simple blouses on another side. Do your laundry while you’re at it! If you feel inclined to hang on to something but know you won’t wear it, consider making room by tucking this item away in a drawer OR giving it to a loved friend you know would treasure, as well as wear actually wear it.

Plan A GNO.

That’s right. Once you’ve finished, plan a girl’s night to celebrate the season, the ups and downs you’ve had this year, and what matters most to you. If possessions come to mind then you need to rethink your values! Dress up, pat on that blush, and go enjoy the night with your girls.

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